Remote Access

With the CardXpress machines, I normally install three seperate ways of connecting to the machine.

  • pcAnywhere, which is used by OnQ by default. This needs to be installed on the Virtual Machine. After installing it, you need to set the existing modem.bhf file to start automatically on bootup, rather than being started by startusc. Navigate to c:\onqdesk\operator and right-click on the 'modem' icon, and chose Properties. Click on the 'Connection Info' tag and an error will pop up about the old modem no longer being accessable. Click OK and select the modem you have installed, and ALSO tick the TCP/IP box. Then click on the 'Settings' tag and select 'Launch with Windows'. This ensures that pcAnywhere is running even if startusc doesn't run, or the machine gets stuck on a login prompt for some reason.
  • VNC, which should be installed on the HOST machine, NOT on the VM. This is to manage the host machine, should it ever start playing up.
  • radmin, as a fallback should pcAnywhere play up. This should be installed on the VM.

Note, that if this machine doesn't have internet connectivity, it's useless installing VNC or radmin, as they're both internet based. But you really should have ADSL at the site.

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