Old News..

This is depreciated. See how to replace the printer for how to replace it and use the new printcapture software.

prncap listens to COM5 (see cabling) and outputs to LPT1. This is what puts the 'Mobil' logo at the top of the receipt, and generally makes it look presentable. This does seem to be abandonware, but I don't want to make it publically available to just anyone. If you want a copy of the installer, contact me directly - moc.liamg|uaborx#moc.liamg|uaborx - and I'll send it to you.

Note that this talks to the NII Driver which needs to be installed and configured

After running the installer, you'll have two files in c:\prncap, the actual program and the ini file. Either copy the old ini file from the original machine, or edit it and fill in the TCN (eg, ABN) details for the new one.

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