Postec Configuration

To get 4manwin and all the postec stuff working, you need to copy some registry information from the existing machine, and then install the BDE. Before running 4manwin, you also need to copy a DLL that was placed into c:\windows\system on the old FATM - Specifically, you need to copy the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PccClient32.dll into the C:\4MANWIN directory.

After doing that, you should now have a working 4Man, which is used to configure the Postec. If it's all gone to plan, when you run VisualConsole, (in c:\4manwin) you should see the valid pump configuration, and you should get a pop-up error about connection refused. This is good, and is expected. If you happen to be onsite, plug the Postec cable into COM2 of the PC (or whatever you've mapped COM2 to in VMWare) and run {c:\USC\pccserver.exe}, then restart 4manwin. You should then not get the socket error, and you should be able to see all your bowsers, and see any fuel going through them, authorise, etc. All good.

It may be possible to use a later Foreman version - but it will require some fiddling, due to protocol incompatibilies between version. I don't REALLY think that it's worth writing a protocol translation utility just for a couple of bugfixes. I may document this later.

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