How To Rebuild A Cardxpress

This document is a 'howto' on how to rebuild a CardXpress machine. This should be followable by a reasonably competent IT professional, so if I'm unavailable for any reason, you can use your own IT guy to rebuild it.

Hardware and Operating System setup

Installing and updating Windows 98

* Install Windows 98 se on a computer with 4 serial ports
* Install IE6 sp1 (googling 'download ie6' led me to
* Install the 'unofficial' 98 SE Service pack ( - turn on all the checkboxes when installing.
* Visit and download the 'required' updates - don't worry about any of the optional ones.


* Universal 98 USB device driver, which will allow you to plug in standard USB thumb drives without 98 needing a driver. This file is attached to this page

Tuning the machine

Get Internet Explorer working

* DELETE the 'Connect to MSN Network' and 'Connect to the Internet' icon on the desktop
* Open Internet Explorer, and click 'Cancel' on the internet connection wizard.
* Select that you want to NOT setup an internet connection

Clean the desktop

* Remove Outlook Express, 'My Briefcase' and 'Online Services'

Disable 'Logon' window

* Right Click on 'Network Neighbourhood' and click Properties.
* Change the 'Primary Network Logon:' pulldown to 'Windows Logon'

Install PERL

* Perl is used for scripting and new applications frequently. It's recommended that you stick with the same version as I've used, which is Active Perl, but there's no reason why a later version of 5.8 wouldn't work. Don't try to use 5.9 or 5.10.

ONQ and FATM Software setup

You need to have a GHOST (or easy access to a functional FATM) of the CardXpress machine, because further down, we need to do some registry exporting. This also makes your life a hell of a lot easier. See ghosting a fatm for some hints.

If you want to automate this, there's a file at the bottom of this document ( that you can run that copys everything across. Plug the old hard drive into the new computer, and run that script. It'll prompt you for the drive to copy from.

You need to copy some files and directories from the old machine to the new.

  • C:\4manwin
  • C:\postec both of these required for configuring the Postec
  • C:\EPS and anything like EPS - eg, EPS_OLD, EPS.BAK.. This is the firmware for the EPS and is requried
  • C:\Mobil script if it exists. This, apparently, can be used to pre-program the EPS with the site details. I've never used it, and have rather done my config through the smartteller
  • C:\USC Unmanned Site controller. This is the main brains of the FATM
  • C:\ARC Backup software that onq office uses
  • C:\PRNCAP or C:\PRNCAPTURE this is the app that intercepts the output of the smartteller and sends the output to the printer. Note that this has been superceded but the .ini file is handy to have
  • C:\ONQ (Duh)
  • C:\ONQDESK (Has various startup scripts etc)
  • C:\WINDOWS\usc.ini onto the new machine

Now, after you've got your VM up and working, and copied all the files across, you need to set up the autoexec and config.sys files, then reboot the VM.

Now you need to do a couple of things:

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