Hardware Requirements

When you're creating the VM, you need a machine with 5 serial ports. See cabling for how they all plug together. Unfortunately, VMWare only supports 4 serial ports, which is fair enough, but we need 5. The 5th is achieved with a USB Serial port. This has to be a serial port, because the OnQ office software can only address 4 serial ports, and it needs to talk to the modem (on com4).

So, after you've created the host, edit the vmx file, and add the serialn.irq lines:

serial2.present = "TRUE"
serial2.fileName = "COM3"
serial2.irq = "5"
serial3.present = "TRUE"
serial3.fileName = "COM4"
serial3.irq = "7"

You've got a choice how you configure these. I'd recommend using a machine with 4 serial ports, plugging an external modem into com4, and then use a USB Serial adaptor for COM5. This is the only way you can get 5 serial ports with VMware. VMWare just passes the USB traffic through, transparently, to the guest OS, so the USB drivers need to be installed on Win98, NOT on XP or Linux or whatever you're using as the host.

Prncap is the only thing that uses COM5, and it only receives, so you don't need anything exciting. Just a standard USB serial adaptor, which are easily and commonly available.

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