Ghosting A Fatm

The easiest way I've found is to replace the existing CDRom (because they're always dead by the time you get to them) and boot up a CD with Ghost 8.0 on it — Ghost 8.0 is the best, and every geek worth her or his salt should have it. The main advantage of 8.0 is that it can reliably burn a .gho file directly to a DVD+R (don't use -R's, their lifespan is awfully short). Use that to image the existing drive to to two DVD+R's. Leave the first one onsite, and take the second one with you. While you're there, if you're not replacing the machine right now, replace the hard drive if it's older than a year or two. Again, use Ghost 8.0. Leave the original hard drive onsite, in case the new drive shits itself too. You never know 8)

When rebuilding a machine, I've found it easiest to use Ghost Explorer (which comes with Ghost) to extract the entire image to a file server that the VM can access. This makes it very easy to copy files across.

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