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  • Reconnect TCP Session
  • Unable to reconnect - how to log locally
  • Keepalives for NAT?
  • SMS Sending

Do I just connect each time I want to send data? That'll probably work. Resolves keepalives and reconnecting a dead TCP session

Current code is


Data Received:
  Attempt to connect
    does spooled data exist?
       Send spooled data
    Send received data
    ack OK ? else spool data I guess
  Unable to connect:
    spool data on filesystem

That seems sane. There also needs to be alarms .. I'm guessing SMS's would be the best way.

SMS Sending

Use the internal modem, connect to 0418707767 8,n,1 and send number\nmessage\n


Connect to server on port whatever (23456?)
Send up to 12 characters [A-Za-z1-9] for the sitename
Send the text
close the connection

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