Copy Some Registry Information

You first need to export a pile of the existing registry information from the existing machine. This can be a difficult and insanely annoying problem. On both Ghost images of Win95 CardXpress machines, I couldn't get the VMWare ethernet adaptor to work, so I was wondering how I was going to get them off. I eventually hit upon the idea of exporting the text files via a serial port.

Down the bottom of the VMWare window, right click on one of the serial ports and chose 'edit'. Then, instead of 'Use a physical serial port', select 'Use output file', and create a text file somewhere. Then click 'OK' and reconnect the serial port.

Using Regedit, export the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Postec Data Systems and HKLU\Software\Postec trees. There's not much in the first one, but the second has all the configuration that's needed. I called them export1 and export2.

Then, using hyperterm, pick 'Transfer' and then 'Send Text file' and send both the registry files. Open up the file on the host PC, take out the second 'REGEDIT4' and blank line, and save it as 'postec.reg' somewhere that's accessable from the win98 vm. Import it into win98, then go do the BDE installation.

Note that this file is available on the previous page.

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