There will probably be old transfer files in C:\ONQ\COMMxx where xx is the site number. You may have multiple site numbers. Go through them all and delete any that are more than a year old, as there's no way we're ever going to need them again. You also want to clear out the old Shifts directory, in C:\ONQ\PATH01o\SHIFTS - that's path zero one oh. Delete any that aren't from this financial year (they're in the format

OnQ generates a logfile of what it's previously done, this is in C:\ONQ\onqauto.log, you can delete that file.

Run OnQ Office

  • V (Data File Maintance)
  • E (Decorrupt Data Files)
    • Push Space to select all, then push enter. You will probably get a pile of warnings and errors, don't worry about this. Send the output to the screen, then select Yes to clear the error log.
  • C (Compact Data Files)
    • Space to mark all, then hit enter. If this starts progressing really slowly, right-click on the top bar of the window and chose 'properties'. Click on the 'Misc' tag, and move the Idle Sensitivity slider all the way to the LEFT. That speeds it up no end.
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