Bowser Setup

You've changed your site, and you need to update the cardxpress machine to be the same as the new layout.

  • Run Visual Console (in C:\4manwin) and change the layout there (If you don't know how to do this, STOP NOW - you will break your site. Call OnQ or Rob instead)
  • Run OnQ Office, pick option D (Stocks) then A (Add/Modify/Delete Stock)
  • Pick Current, then In-House. You should then see the current bowsers set up. Delete them all. However, may not be able to delete them (in fact, you probably won't be able to) due to them having stock assigned to them in OnQ. If, when you try to delete them, it complains that there are YTD and MTD stocks there, you need to clear them for each item.
    • Go back to the Stocks Main Menu
    • Option P (Stocks Manager Functions) and enter the password
    • Option D (Correct Stocks Sales Records)
    • 'C'urrent Month
    • Enter the PLU that's unable to be deleted
    • Set the sales and onhand to be zero. You can Enter across to the field, then push zero and fullstop. That will set the field to 0.00
    • When they're all set to Zero, answer 'N' to the 'Are there any changes required' option. You can then delete that bowser.
    • Continue until all the existing bowsers are deleted.
  • Create a file C:\USC\CHNGPOS.TEC (There's often a 'chngpos.bat' file in C:\ONQ, so typing 'chngpos' should work. If it doesn't, something like copy c:\config.sys c:\usc\chngpos.tec will do it)
  • In the USC pick Options, then 'Create Stock Items'

If you go back into Browse In-House stock, it should all be set up properly now!

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