Argent boxes are, basically, a TA with some smarts. They act as a normal TA, but also give you an X25 link via the D Channel of the OR2 - this is what the EPS uses to get authorisation. A recent Argent Quick start Manual is available at, and the OEM's manual is available at (You want the 'AETA' manual - this also includes USB drivers, etc, if you want to use the argent line for internet connectivity). There's also a list of fault codes and what to do about them on the argent line below:

When working, the Argent box should have a single dot on it

Flashing 1: Power on Self Test failed

  • Call Telstra, replace the Argent box

Flashing 2: ISDN connection down

  • Check the connection between the NTU and Argent box. Ensure that the 'Power' light is on and the 'Sync' light is flashing. Unplug everything from the NT1, then plug just the line (usually a flat silver cable) into it. Wait till you have Line and Power, then try again. If it's still not working, it's a line fault. Call telstra.

Flashing 3: No Carrier on Eftpos Data port

  • This is a common one, unfortunately, and can be caused by a lot of things. First thing to check is that the EPS is trying to connect. You'll see it scroll by on the screen. If it's not, reset the EPS. If it refuses to try connecting, reload the EPS, if it's still not good, replace the EPS.
    • Note that new Argent boxes have RJ45 connectors on them, and that the RJ11 connectors DO NOT fit in them firmly. If you've replaced the argent box, and suddenly you can't get comms, you need to cut the RJ11 off the end of the cable plugged into the argent and crimp a new RJ45 on.

Flashing 4: Data overrun on Serial port

  • Should never see this, we don't use the serial port

Flashing 5: No stations responding to polls on Eftpos port

  • This usually means a bad EPS, but it can also be bad cabling between the Argent and the EPS. Run a temporary cable between the EPS and the argent box and see if that fixes it.

Flashing 6: Last call attempt failed

  • This is often caused by a 'bad terminal ID' setting, eg, you've plugged the EPS into the wrong argent box. It could also be a line fault

Flashing 8: NMS has no pre-configuration to download

  • This means you've got the Argent plugged into the wrong NTU. It's trying to download it's configuration, and the NMS is saying 'WTF? There's no Argent box on this caller ID!'

Flashing 9: NMS main configuration failure

  • Something's broken at telstra, and the argent is being sent a bad configuration.
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